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A Goal Without a Strategy Is Dream


Meet Shauntel Dobbins, Your Financial Coach

 I am Shauntel Dobbins, I am a  Financial Literacy Facilitator and Financial Coach with over 20 years experience in the personal finance industry.

I am extremely passionate about helping you adopt a mindsets and set of behaviors proven to lead to  your financial success.

I have often been  called a “Financial Therapist” for my ability to provide a nonjudgmental atmosphere , inspiring people like yourself to have prosperous financial thoughts that result in prosperous financial actions.

I would love to get to know you more and learn about your financial goals!


Your Future, Your Way

Together we will work to build a strong financial future for you and your family.  I enjoy helping real people establish a sound relationship with money leading to lifelong properity and finacial stability.

Don't let your past financial mistakes keep you from living life on your terms.  Whether you are looking to free yourself from debt, build a rock-solid budget, learn about investing or navigate tricking financial matters like tax reform, I am here to help.  


My Life's Mission is To Help

I am passionate about educating and empowering individuals to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with money. 

My mission is to inspire you to shift from just getting by to getting ahead.  With a little help you too can  have your dreams become reality.

Our motto is Knowledge + Wisdom = Freedom!  If you are ready to enhance your life and take the first step toward financial freedom, let's get to work!

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